With over 25 years of experience and a thriving community of peers and alumnae, Edgewood helps you do much more than just recover. We help you reinvent your future, reconnect with yourself and your loved ones, and reclaim your life.

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This cost-effective mental health treatment program from EHN Canada focuses on
providing your employees with the support they need, without having to commit to longer-term inpatient care.

  • Full inpatient programming with intensive group and individual treatment
  • 24/7 nursing care and Medical Management including Psychiatric Consultation
  • Focus on symptom containment and stabilization, including skills building like:
    • Distress tolerance
    • Interpersonal effectiveness
    • Emotion regulation
    • Mindfulness


14 DAYS OF STABILIZATION (including detox if necessary)

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With EHN Canada, your employees will enjoy the benefit of receiving high-quality, evidence-based care that will help them get back on track quickly. They will also be provided with the tools they need to improve their day-to-day lives and overall wellness.

Help your employees feel like themselves again.

Continuous enrolment, meaning clients can start the program anytime

Behavioural and psychological interventions informed by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

Virtual care delivering accessible treatment from anywhere with flexible schedules to accommodate work and life

The benefits of our Return-to-Wellness program include:

About our Return-to-Wellness Program

Combining a short inpatient stay followed by a virtual Intensive Outpatient Program, this flexible program is offered during the daytime, evenings, and weekends so your employees can continue to work and live.



  • 9 hours of individual and group therapy per week for 8 weeks
  • 1 year of weekly aftercare maintenance groups
  • Virtual family education workshops
  • Access to Wagon app with specialized content based on symptoms

We’re here to help your employees thrive

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This cost-effective mental health treatment program provides your employees with support they need, without having to commit to longer-term inpatient care.

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