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EHN Canada offers an Intensive Outpatient Program designed to manage symptoms of workplace trauma—including Operational Stress Injury. How can it help?

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There are THREE 
ways to reach out to us:

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There are THREE ways to reach out to us:

Our IOP for workplace trauma may include:

Access to a team of counsellors, specially trained in providing face-to-face online treatment

8 weeks of programming with 9 hours of therapy per week

10 months of Aftercare

Group and individual counselling to both learn from others and focus on yourself 

Trauma-informed yoga, qi gong, and mindfulness meditation to help regulate feelings of nervousness and reconnect to your peaceful self 

And a curriculum designed to address compassion fatigue, burnout, nutrition and sleep hygiene, relationships, guilt, shame, and  “suck it up” culture.

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Some of the disorders we treat include:

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You help people dealing with trauma every day.
It’s time to deal with your own.

Your career can be both intense and rewarding. And that means our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Operational Stress Injuries may be right for you. It can help treat the symptoms of workplace trauma, while you stay on the job.

EHN Online has been leading the way in bringing effective mental health treatment to Canadians—wherever they are. Our IOP for Operational Stress Injuries is an excellent option for people who need more than occasional individual counselling, or for those stepping down from an inpatient program and who could benefit from additional support.

MILITARY SERVICE MEMBERS AND VETERANS risk their lives representing Canada on battlefields in the world’s most perilous regions. They often return home with emotional and psychological scars, as more than 85% of Canadian service members have reported at least one instance of trauma.

PARAMEDICS are on the scene within minutes to help save lives. Yet, their work often takes a toll on their own health And 30.5% report stress, 40% anxiety, and 26.7% depression. Our Intensive Outpatient Program offers the healing they need without sacrificing the job they love. 

POLICE OFFICERS bear witness to some of the most horrifying scenes, while putting themselves in the line of fire as well. In Canada, 36.7% of police officers report one or more mental health disorders. Outpatient Treatment from EHN Canada allows your team to stay on duty while getting the treatment they need.

FIREFIGHTERS are ready to save our lives, leaping into danger in a moment’s notice, often while risking their own. The selflessness often comes at a cost, with studies showing that 1 in 3 suffer from PTSD.



We understand that treatment is not always a financially viable option for everyone, nor covered by all employers. That’s why we can help you find a way to finance treatment, talk to your EAP provider or even your insurance provider. Talk to us about our options.


HEALTHCARE WORKERS are dedicated to helping our most vulnerable and, as a result, they experience their own share of health problems. Compared to other sectors, healthcare workers are 1.5 times more likely to be off work due to illness or disabilityAnd over 40% of Canadian physicians and nurses report that they are in the advanced stages of burnout. Now you can get treatment without leaving your patients. 

Or, if you are a referring professional with a patient who would be the right fit for this treatment, speak with our referrals team for more info.